Vev Release Notes

This Week's Updates and Platform Improvement

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Shared by Yujin • June 26, 2023

Auto Layout Tutorials

Auto layout will help you build responsive components without having to adapt to every breakpoint or device. Instead, simply enable, add a few options, and watch as the responsiveness is taken care of for you.

Watch our new tutorials to see how to bring design elements like buttons cards, and grids to life with auto layout.

Product Templates

Thinking of launching a physical product but your Ecommerce platform feels limiting? Use our new templates to showcase the product itself, the specification and features, and highlight reviews from customers. After, embed directly into any platform or CMS. Now you can experience the ultimate design control you've been looking for.

Type tool enhancements

We've made some changes to the type tool. Now, you can add even more headings like H5 and H6 accessible through a dropdown under H4.

Design Editor

  • You will no longer see an "infinite loader" when entering integrations. Welcome back to the "finite" world.
  • Vev logo in top left corner is now linking to 🇺🇦
  • Sorry for those who have seen some random images and logos of "Stiftelsen Norsk Luftambulanse" popping up in your projects. You will no longer experience these glitches in your matrix 😉
  • (Elements - Charts) Numerical values are now correctly displayed when copy & pasted from Google Sheets.
  • (Elements - Number Counter) Some of you have not been able to use an animations add-on with the “Number counter” element. This now has been fixed.
  • (Page Settings) You can now de-select between “Home/Landing page” and “Not found (404) page” under Page Settings.
  • You can now copy & paste a marked URL (not JSON) from “Publishing destinations”.
  • Some of you have experienced that previous stylings have been lost when copied & pasted a section between two projects; it ain't lost no more.

Code Editor

  • Woop woop! We updated Monaco to the newest version. What’s changed? It now grays out variables that are not in use so that you can easily identify dead code 🧟.


  • Some users experienced that hosting settings would clear on FTP adapter when errors occur; this now has been fixed.