Vev Release Notes

Platform Improvement

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Shared by Yujin • September 04, 2023

At Vev, we're not just focused on rolling out shiny new features—we also make sure to keep our dev team well-caffeinated to ensure that what you love about Vev remains steady and consistent. 🫡

That said, here are some of our recent improvements and resolved bugs. 🤩


  • The pre-render step for "publish" has been improved by a whopping x10 in speed.
  • The loading speed of the "Create project" feature has been improved, so you can create even faster.
  • The embed.js file has now been included in the zip download, allowing you to do offline or self-hosted embedding of Vev content.
  • The CLI has added the schemaOpen option to use the useEditorState hook, which enables the widget to determine if the form is open.
  • Published projects now have improved performance for animation and show/hide triggers.
  • For the labled image, we've added a "%" symbol to the title of X and Y fields, so you know if it's in %, and not pixels.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the editor would sometimes crash when elements were moved between frames/sections (holding cmd/ctrl when dragging).
  • Fixed the issue with uploading the access key to S3 hosting.
  • Fixed the problem with pinch zoom on canvas zooming the browser window. No more zooming out to infinity and beyond.
  • Made some minor stability fixes to the editor, so it won't crash when addons fail to save.
  • Fixed the issue where the publish destination path didn't use both team and core hosting settings.
  • Fixed the bug with incorrect line-breaks of words in table cells.
  • Fixed the bug with the Burger Menu not always directing to the correct location.
  • Fixed the issue with double $$ on Vev site appearing as $.