Vev Release Notes

January 2024 Release Notes

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Shared by Yujin • January 24, 2024

Hope you're all having a great start to 2024. 🥳 Here at Vev, we've been working hard to release some small but mighty features.

Pricing Changes

  • As part of our ongoing effort to refine pricing and support our product strategy, ZIP download with assets has been moved to the Organization plan. This ZIP option enables you to create offline projects and host Vev projects on your own servers. ZIP download without assets (where we host the assets for you) remains available on the Professional plan.
  • "Advanced hosting" is now exclusive to the Professional and Organization plans, while Standard Hosting continues to be accessible across all plans, including the Starter plan. If you’ve already used the Advanced Hosting on the starter plan, you can still access the hosting settings and its content, but no longer re-publish or connect the hosting to a new project.

Design Editor

  • Improved differentiation between visible and hidden layers by graying out the hidden layers.
  • Added additional settings to the Image/Background Image editors to make working with scrollytelling and parallax images easier by enabling the setting of focal point position and zoom with numerical input.

Special thanks to our community member Nico for suggesting this! 😘

Project Search, Template, & User Management

  • Introduced “caching” to the project filtering options, meaning the option you’ve chosen previously will be remembered.
  • You can also now sort your projects either in ascending or descending order.

(Note: These improvements have been developed to replace the “tag” filtering for a smoother project discovery experience.)

  • Implemented a restriction to only allow the creation of projects based on templates marked as "Ready.", to allow for more a reliable workflow within your account.
  • You can now autonomously delete your own user profile… But hey, before you go, can we just say how much we'll miss you? 😿

Code Editor Deprecation

  • As we're slowly starting to deprecate the Code Editor, you no longer will be able to create new widgets using the Code Editor. But not to worry—you can still manage the ones you've already created for a little while longer. For new widgets, please use our Command Line Interface (CLI).

    Learn how to get started with the CLI here:

Lastly, we’re sorry that some of you had to experience challenges regarding the sticky position after our latest roll out.

The issue was quickly rectified, but we sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding on this one! We want to be transparent on issues such as these as your trust in us means everything to us!