Vev Release Notes

March 2024 Release Notes

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Shared by Yujin • March 21, 2024

It's a wrap! We've successfully closed Q1 in Vev. This month, we've introduced several updates to the Design Editor, including improved Main Components and a new feature named Scroll Snap.

Additionally, our CLI has become more robust as we phase out The Code Editor. Let’s take a look!

Design Editor

  • Main Components: We've made improvements to "Main Components". These include better stability, on-canvas editing, and a simplified context menu. Want to give it a whirl? Read more here to learn how you can create a component that can be reused across your projects.
  • Scroll Snap: Meet “Scroll Snap”—a native CSS feature designed to enhance your project's scrolling experience. Activate it in Page Settings to apply it across the entire page. With this feature, your sections will effortlessly 'snap' into alignment when scrolling without any mid-scroll stops. (Note: This update begins our transition away from the beloved 'Snap to' addon.)

CLI (Command-Line Interface)

  • CLI Update: Our CLI now supports "Interactions and Events." This feature enables dynamic communication between components, allowing them to both respond to and initiate events with each other. You can read more about it here. 🫡

Code Editor

  • Code Editor Read-Only Access: As many of you know, we've been gradually phasing out the Code Editor with the introduction of the CLI to support much more robust possibilities. Within the next few weeks, read-only access will be enabled for your widgets, meaning you will no longer be able to edit the ones you have but can still use them. To jump on our new ship, check our Dev docs or join Code Talk in our community.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing template preview from the dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue with certain font families not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that restricted scrolling through layers in the Slider when a large number of slides were added.
  • Improved the Interactions by making arrows light-up when hovered over in the right side panel for better clarity in editing.