Vev Release Notes

What's New: Create Template from Page

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Shared by Yujin • November 07, 2023

Create Template from Page

  • Pro and Org users can now create a template from a project page.

Improved “Change Teams” UI

  • Enhanced dashboard UI for easier switching between teams.
  • New "Bookmark" feature to mark preferred teams for swift access (for Org users).


Platform Improvement

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Shared by Yujin • September 04, 2023

At Vev, we're not just focused on rolling out shiny new features—we also make sure to keep our dev team well-caffeinated to ensure that what you love about Vev remains steady and consistent. 🫡

That said, here are some of our recent improvements and resolved bugs. 🤩


  • The pre-render step for "publish" has been improved by a whopping x10 in speed.
  • The loading speed of the "Create project" feature has been improved, so you can create even faster.
  • The embed.js file has now been included in the zip download, allowing you to do offline or self-hosted embedding of Vev content.
  • The CLI has added the schemaOpen option to use the useEditorState hook, which enables the widget to determine if the form is open.
  • Published projects now have improved performance for animation and show/hide triggers.
  • For the labled image, we've added a "%" symbol to the title of X and Y fields, so you know if it's in %, and not pixels.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the editor would sometimes crash when elements were moved between frames/sections (holding cmd/ctrl when dragging).
  • Fixed the issue with uploading the access key to S3 hosting.
  • Fixed the problem with pinch zoom on canvas zooming the browser window. No more zooming out to infinity and beyond.
  • Made some minor stability fixes to the editor, so it won't crash when addons fail to save.
  • Fixed the issue where the publish destination path didn't use both team and core hosting settings.
  • Fixed the bug with incorrect line-breaks of words in table cells.
  • Fixed the bug with the Burger Menu not always directing to the correct location.
  • Fixed the issue with double $$ on Vev site appearing as $.


What's New: Global Header & Footer

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Shared by Yujin • July 27, 2023

Hey there,

You can now have a globally accessible header or footer on your project, choosing to have it automatically applied to new pages.


What's New: Viewport, Image Flip & Crop

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Shared by Yujin • June 28, 2023

Hey there,

Our design editor has gotten a few small but mighty updates! 🎉 This month, we’re introducing:

  • Viewport: You can now use vh and vw — otherwise known as CSS viewport units — in the style panel to size your components.
  • Image Flip: You can now flip your images — either horizontally or vertically.
  • Image Crop: You can select whether your image 'covers', 'contains', or 'stretches' to fill the dimension of its container.

What's New: Spline, GA4 & Custom Attributes

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Shared by Yujin • June 26, 2023

We've got lots of exciting updates to share this month!

Check out your brand new Spline embed element, Custom Attributes (in beta), and Google Analytics 4 plugin, primed to equip you for a smooth transition from GA3.


Platform Improvement

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Shared by Yujin • June 26, 2023


  • You can now use React 18 to create elements in Vev.
  • Webhooks now have the option to send smaller payloads by using external links.
  • You can now invite users to collaborate with your team from the top-left corner of the dashboard.


  • Collaboration has been made easier by automatically making new teams accessible to all account users.
  • Figma import error handling and reporting have been improved for a better user experience.
  • The process of selecting and finding the correct Marketo form has been improved.


  • Fixed a bug where creating a new page sometimes caused the editor to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where accessing the Add Menu while editing a main component would take you back to the page.
  • Fixed a bug where the page title of a published project sometimes failed to update when navigating.
  • Fixed a problem where hotspots weren't saving when editing 3D models.


What's New: Project Sharing

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Shared by Yujin • June 26, 2023

Looking for an easy way to get feedback on a project, bring in external creatives, or simply give clients a visual update on work in progress? With Project Sharing, you can now invite “guests” via email invitation to become a part of your project.

  1. Full access: guests have full edit permissions across all the Vev editors, including the option to embed and publish to a publish destination(s) connected to the project, and to share the project with anyone.
  2. Edit only: guest have full edit permissions across all Vev editors and are able to share the project with others, but they can’t publish or embed the project or manage integrations.
  3. View only: guests can view the project and leave comments, but are not able to edit or publish the project.


What's New: All-New Figma Import

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Shared by Yujin • June 26, 2023

We’ve just officially released our Figma Import, which we’ve massively improved thanks to your feedback.

Here's what improved 👇

  • Frames into Sections: Every frame in your Figma file will appear in Vev as a separate section.
  • Auto-layout Import: All your Figma auto-layouts will now seamlessly import, and you'll be able to continue working with them in Vev.
  • Width as Percentages: All widths in your Figma files will be automatically converted into percentages in Vev.
  • Auto-height Text Box: All text boxes will set to “auto”.


What's New: Addon Tab

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Shared by Yujin • June 26, 2023

You can now apply Addons straight from the right-side panel.

To access the Addon Tab

  1. Click the element you want to attach the Addon to
  2. Click “Addon” (next to Style) in the right-side panel
  3. Select an Addon
  4. Click “Apply Addon”


What's New: UI Update

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Shared by Yujin • June 26, 2023

As Vev has grown exponentially, so too has the complexity of our internal design system. To simplify this system and make it more scalable for our exciting future plans, we've revamped Vev's UI.

  • New Color Scheme: We’ve swapped out the yellow for an electric blue to boost color contrast for enhanced accessibility.
  • Dashboard Navigation Redesign: We've moved the user icon to the lower-left corner of the dashboard, allowing it to open the menu in full screen.

👉 Read more here